Thursday, July 23, 2009


This weekend, I was unexpectedly at Otakon.

I was asked to help out a friend with her Artist Alley table, and wound up sharing the space to put some of my own things out at as well.

The image on the left is her work. Animeg draws fan-art, or portraits, or other things which she then puts on .....

Buttons! .. or badge-pins, or however you want to say it. She also does keychains, and has a kickass webcomic. (She's not on Etsy, since much of her stuff is fan-art, and probably isn't sellable on Etsy, but for more information, go to Black As White and That's So Cute! Buttons)

We both didn't do too badly with sales, and I was shocked to sell some of the things I did... Many of my 'stock' items went, as did several things which I had to take down from Etsy on Monday, at least until I recreate them. I also wound up doing several custom orders, which I might recreate to put up on Etsy.

The most important thing I think I did though was .. my card is out there now. I am really hoping this boosts things, though in the past week I have only had one or two new visitors, including a couple of other Etsyers who were at the con, like ICtheMoon. It was awesome getting to meet at least one other Etsyer :D

My hopes are starting to run low, as I am STILL jobless in this horrible economy, and I have about two weeks to get a job AND find a place to live... which is really taking its toll on me.

I am hoping that SOMETHING good happens.. and soon, before I go mad... not like I'm not already, but right now it's a good kind, I'm not wanting the bad kind, thanks.

So now I go off to do some errands that I don't really want to go do, but meh, they need to be done!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ruby Red - KittyKatKards, Origami Cards for Life's Occaions

Another find I made when asking for red things was KittyKatKards.

Blank cards are something I always had trouble finding - at least, blank cards that spoke without words before I added my message. The cards in this shop each have a personality all their own.

When most of us think "Origami", we think of little cranes, or perhaps little jumping frogs. The fact is, a little bit of paper can make almost anything, if you fold it right, and KittyKat's work says this very clearly.
For instance, this card for any occasion (the first Ruby Red thing that caught my eye), features no cranes, no frogs, not even stars... but Kimonos.
Mini Origami Kimono Card
While not strictly Ruby Red, these cards made me smile, and considering what they are, might just find their way into my inventory when I make some sales. Little cards, tiny enough to be gift tags, large enough to speak your mind (so long as you're not TOO long winded).
And fitting for a last photo feature is this lovely Origami Thank You Card (crane). Classic, simple, and beautiful.

It took me quite a while to find favorites through the shop, as I was distracted by so many intricate designs. Dresses, swimsuits, and the little trolls KittyKat makes are so adorable that I had to pause to look at each one!
As I said earlier, each card has its own personality. Each design is unique, even the ones created to be similar. I'm not a big card buyer, but the ones here gave me a few ideas, specifically because they have such personality. They speak much more than words, they say"I care about you" simply with the card itself, the little intricacies, the care given into its creation, and in the selection of the card for the occasion.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ruby Red - Heidi's Handmade Bath and Body Shoppe

I decided I want to do a feature.

... I had no idea how to do this at first, since I had no idea what to write about. Then I looked at the date. Well, it's July. In my world of Jewelry Craft, this means "Ruby". .. So I sent a call out for ... red things.
It took a bit to decide on a few to play with. I chose three, the first of which will be today's feature for me.

Bath and Body Shoppe
So I went poking around on HeidisHandmades, and found a few things that did match the Ruby Red... and lots of things that didn't match the Ruby Red, but made me drool a bit anyway.

Since I asked for red though...

Here we have "Black Raspberry Soap". This one caught my eye at once as it is the perfect "Ruby" color. It also doesn't hurt that I love black raspberry flavored and scented things.
Another that caught my eye is the one listed just below it on her shop, "Asian Plum - Chinese Dragon Soap", which is also a lovely Ruby Red color.

Of course, I went looking for more, and found many more red things, and much MUCH more that wasn't red, but I had to look at anyway. I was pleased to see a classic, "Cherry Blossom Soap" - since well.. for me, if I don't have something Cherry Blossom scented in my bathroom, there's something wrong!
But now I digress.

I went poking around further, and one thing that I noticed was the ingredient list. Vegetable based oils, shea butter, water, moisturizer from berries (!!), it was like looking at the list of ingredients for something I'd eat. ... though I don't think eating soap is a good idea, no matter how many times mothers would wash children's mouths out with soap.

.... Then again, knowing what soap is made of these days, I would fear for killing children that way.

Though soap isn't the only thing at this lovely shop. Lotions, bubble baths, scrubs, body butter, even massage oil is on the list!

I admit to spending a very long time poking around the shop. Then again, when it comes to soap and such, I tend to love poking around anyway. The hours I've spent in Bath & Body Works at the mall is amazing. .... Though I think, now that I've discovered the world of soap makers on Etsy, that will change.

Looking at my "Favorite Things" panel on the right, I'm sure you'll recognize several of Heidi's soaps now listed there.

And this might just start a new trend. Perhaps I'll do a soap feature next week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Staying Positive

Trying to stay positive in a recession, when odds are against you is not an easy thing. My creativity has been dampened, and so I haven't really come up with many new ideas. I made a few stock items in the hopes that something would strike my fancy and I'd be able to take off with it.. and I came up with a pair of earrings that are mostly silver leaves with an emerald teardrop crystal at the bottom. I'm not sure if I like them or not, but I might just let others decide.

Money's getting very tight, and I'm running low on supplies which doesn't help me either.

But, they say it's darkest just before the dawn, and that dark clouds have silver linings.

In the meantime, I'm pondering doing a feature for a favorite Etsy artist or three. I know reading that kind of thing inspires me, so I can only imagine what it would be like to actually write about someone else's work.