Wednesday, April 6, 2011

... but I'm extremely stubborn...

My first deal didn't go through, even with 42 votes instead of the required 30.

So I'm trying again, and this time spreading the word as far as I can get it to go, and encouraging people to help me get featured.  This time, my deal is here, so go, vote, and hopefully you or your friends will get a chance to save 50% or more on my jewelry through!

For a while, this discouraged me - knowing before they changed the "view your votes" system that more than 80% said "Definitely not".  I started to doubt my work, but then I realized, I got 42 "Yes, Definitely" votes in the 72 hours.  I know some people don't even make it to 30... so that cheered me a little.

I almost gave up on the idea... but I'm extremely stubborn... and I won't let it go that easily.  I want the word spread. I need the word spread.  I put heart, soul, time and love into each piece I make, and SOMEWHERE out there are the online buyers who want my simple, sparkling, elegant works of wearable art!