Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not forgotten!

I know I promised a showcase for my last post, but I have had a better idea.

Watch this space, because coming soon, hopefully in the next week or two, I will be featuring artists, their items, their shops, and who they are.  I have had some great interest from the post I did on Zibbet's community, and have started one on MadeItMyself.  Though, since Etsy's forums are now stupidly set up, however, I'm afraid I can't repeat this there, since I'd have to join practically every team just to post to their forums, and while I'm not a stranger to hard work, that's just a little on the stupid side; I have jewelry to make, housework to do, my mother to care for, three cats to appease, my boyfriend to spend time with, and World of Warcraft to play. I do have a life, sometimes! I can't spend THAT long in the broken forums! So on that note, if you know an Etsy seller, or are an Etsy seller, contact me via Zibbet or MadeItMyself, or on Facebook. I'm not so pleased with where Etsy has gone, so I'm kinda separating myself from them, but I'll promote other places, and your Etsy shop if that's the only shop you have! Just because Etsy screwed me over in more ways than one doesn't mean it isn't working for others!

As I mentioned in many posts, hand-crafted items often have a story.  It's time the crafters of these items were brought out into the light to shine as much as their wonderful works of art.

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