Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stolen Time

I'm sure you have all noticed (or have not) that I've been conspicuously absent from the internet for the past couple of weeks.  This was not my intention, I assure you.  Several things came up that needed my attention more urgently than my jewelry, my blog, my Facebook page, and even my shops.  My email went unchecked for several days at a time.

Those things are taken care of now, and I will be back online a bit more frequently, provided that a few of those things that I took care of don't come back.  If nothing else, there will be an interview up next week, two weeks after that, and two weeks after that one.  I will say also that I am possibly looking for a new home for my blog, since while I have loved Blogger since somewhere in early 2000-2001, the fact that it is now owned by Google, and requires me to log in USING my old jewelry-related Google address, which has a ridiculously complicated password and is also "text message" protected, if I want to make any changes, makes me want to move to something simpler, that has no complications if I forget to log out of it. 

So far, the only reason I'd have to log in is to make design changes, since I do my posts from an offline composer, and have it set to login with my original Blogger ID/password, and linked the two accounts so I don't have to actually log in to Google.

Anyway, I'm rambling off topic.

I can say I have not been entirely absent from the internet.  I have had a chance to work a bit on my website.  Most of the pages are ready to go … but for one thing.


Photographing a 6mm bicone crystal should not be as difficult as it actually is.  I have taken more than 500 shots… So far, (as I just took about 100 of those 500 this morning), 19 of them were workable.  A couple of them turned out perfectly, which I will strive for for each one, but for now, "workable" (meaning clear enough to see facets in the crystal, clear enough to see the color well enough to separate it from other colors and distinguish it from a similar color) will do to launch. 19 photos, with another maybe 35-40 to go – I have shapes after I'm done with the basic colors (and I have another 18 bicones to finish that set), and then I can (I think) launch at least the basics of the site.

It will be nice having a full color chart to work with, one that I can easily add to or remove from as my color, shape and specialty item availability changes, and it will be delightful to have a place other than a shop and other gallery to showcase my work where it will be displayed clearly, and where I can write a full description and story behind each item.

Anyway, thank you, everyone, for your patience, and for reading my blog!  Watch for the next interview next week, and remember, if you think you know someone who you feel should be featured, just let me know!

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