Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big Box Mentality and Christmas Shopping

It's getting to be that time of year, where hordes of folks go out to the malls, to the shops, hunting down That Special Thing for That Certain Someone (or Those Certain Someones, or just for that thing for someone so they aren't insulted - don't be shy, we all have them!), or looking for That Decoration that will spark off this year's celebration focus.

Most of you will likely go to stores where you can buy boxes of decorations or gifts for cheap, considering that this year's economy is very tight.  Many of you will not even leave your home, saving gas by looking online for your items.

Consider this for a moment if you will -

Bellina Creations says it all very well

Why not look to purchase a few handmade items this year, whether it be a gift, or a decoration. 

Why not make it a point to hunt down a shop that's not doing the best, or has very few sales, and see if something from there catches your fancy? 

I know you likely have a budget, but so does every one of those artists who put their heart and soul into creating, who are put down and stomped on every time they hear "I can get that cheaper at the mall," or "that's really expensive for (Insert Item Here)."

Why not support one (OR MORE!!) of the sellers of hand-crafted items this holiday season?  Why not make their holiday brighter by having a few sales, offering them the little extra money to maybe pick up a Special Something for their Certain Someone(s) this year?

Stop putting money into the pockets of those who send their jobs to other countries.  Support one of your local hand-crafters instead.


Bellina Creations said...

Thanks for the link love. Happy Holiday shopping my friends.

Kalla said...

Thank YOU for your blog article, for saying what needed saying for ages, and for putting voice to the frustration of so many of us who have felt the slap in the face of people opening their mouths without thinking.