Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Page… not … Found?


This week's Minnerview has been interrupted by the fact that the page I was going to feature is no longer in existence!

After thinking that it was just down for a short time when I went to do the photos last week, I have had to completely redo this post (and it's 3:00 on Wednesday afternoon).  I will be getting in touch with the shop owner for a possible reschedule, and to see if the shop has just had a change of name, or location.  So this week's interview will be posted NEXT week, and I'll just move on to the next shop in line.

In the meantime, please enjoy this rude dancing bear I found via Google Images.


If you're actually still with me, I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about something rather important.

Facebook has decided that IT will choose what you see on your wall. Not you.
I noticed that only a tiny few people are even seeing my posts anymore, so if you have me on your Facebook, then please set it your "Home" wall (where you see posts by friends, pages, etc.) to "Most Recent".  Instead of only seeing posts that a lot of people have commented on, you will be able to see the most recent pages' and friends' posts – instead of seeing that post a friend made two weeks ago that 20 people had commented on, and is now "old news".  I do try to post every day, or at least every other day, at least once per day.  The time may be variable, but posts are there.

Sadly, the only other way to keep up with it is to visit my page at least once a week.  They have made it very difficult for smaller pages (like us hand-crafters, for instance) to reach out to our fans unless we have LOTS of money to spend on advertising.

Another way you can stay connected with me is to follow me on Twitter, though my updates may get lost in the feeds since some people post every few seconds, multiple times per day.  My Facebook feed does post directly to Twitter every time I post though.  You can find my Twitter page under "Galleries and Shops" in the tabs above.  I will also add this information to my "Contact Me" page.

Spread the word, if you know anyone who is missing updates from their favorite pages – the Most Recent should help those show up more often!

Until next week's actual interview – Thank you one and all for reading!

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