Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eye, eye-EYE!

I scratched my eye.

This is common for me – I do it usually in my sleep.

However this, to put it bluntly, SUCKS.


Well, to start, I’m typing this with one eye closed and covered – my right, so it’s not my dominant, but my depth-perception has gone merrily out the window.  Light-sensitivity has forced me to dim my computer screen to a point where it would usually be difficult to see.  I can’t play WoW, I can’t work on NaNoWriMo, I can’t make jewelry, I can’t do much that requires sight.

I washed the kitten’s dishes, and almost dropped them on the floor instead of placing them into the dish-drainer.

Threading wire through a crystal resulted in stabbing my finger a few times.

Looking at a primarily white screen with black text in my word-processing software resulted in stabbing pain, a runny nose, and watering eyes – even with the injured one covered.

If I leave the injured eye uncovered, considering I’m nearly legally-blind, results in some headache-inducing imagery, since I can’t have my right contact lens in while the eye recovers.  Think of 3-D films without the glasses, and you’ll get an idea of why that is.  It’s kind of neat, but after a few moments, ugh, headache city.

There IS a bright side, however!
Usually I’m very quick to recover from this – usually a few days of resting the eye, some ibuprofen, and dark time clears it up.  Considering I’m in the “I think I’d rater stab my eye out rather than deal with the pain” stage, I’d say the injury occurred on Sunday, and it usually hits this stage right before “My eye is cloudy and looks like I’m looking through dense fog”, which then turns into “Injury? What injury?” the day after.

In that light, I can’t guarantee Thursday’s blog feature will be up on time, as I have it started, but not finished, and unless my eye cooperates enough for me to line up images properly and make sure links are correct, it will have to be delayed… unless I ask for some help, which I will probably do.  I do, after all have a wonderful boyfriend (who I’ve been with for 4 years as of yesterday!) who would do anything for me to save me pain… other than removing said eye until it heals, which he has refused to do.

I’m rambling. I should be resting.

Thanks for reading through my gibberish!

Until Thursday, then!

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