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Interview Series 2: Week 5 – Oohlala Pretty

Sadly a day late, but things got very hectic and I completely lost track of time.  I should know better by now!
I've gotten so many replies that in order to get out as much exposure as I can before the Winter Holiday shopping season ends, I'm also going to start posting features on Tuesdays as well - so don't miss them!

Today features someone who does many different things, not at all related!  Sherry of Oohlala Pretty on Zibbet has a fantastic story to tell - so without furhter babbling from me, I will let her tell it!

Oohlalapretty Sherry Osgood


6220726-original[1] Rosary Necklace - Painted Shell Chip Wooden Cross & Star Christian Prayer Beads - 38 inch
I never really imagined Rosaries to be so colorful, but this is pretty wild!

Oohlalapretty I work with a variety of craft products, Pet beds, Jewelry, Tutu’s, Pillows.  My favorite materials to work with are beads, any type of beads, there are so many types and colors to choose from and create something wonderful.  Fleece, crushed penne, felt and ribbon, you can do so much with fleece and ribbon and crushed penne is such a beautiful fabric to work with.

5767976-original[1]Bracelet - Swarvoski Elements Charm Bracelet - Flower Girl, Wedding, Birthday - 6 inch
I love the color combination in this, very happy, very Spring.

Oohlalapretty When my children were small and I was a stay at home mom I loved creating in my spare time, mostly sewing clothes for my children but also costumes for Halloween, Easter outfits, bunnies, teddy bears and quilting, I even dabbled in painting for a time.  After going to work full time and taking care of three children, I unfortunately didn’t have much time to craft for many years until due to the economy I lost my job about three years ago and wasn’t able to find another one, so I had to take an early retirement. In a way it was a blessing as my mom was in her 80’s, alone and needing help and companionship, so I moved in with her, took care of the cooking, cleaning, medications and getting her out of the house when she was able.

5767850-original[1]Necklace - Vintage Style Butterfly Necklace & Earring Set - Swarovski Elements and Crystals
I usually don’t like things that are this large, but I cannot resist the butterflies.  I could see a Faerie princess wearing this!

Oohlalapretty My mom passed away last June and it was devastating to say the least, I soon found I didn’t have much to do, no one to take care of and nothing to fill my days.  I slowly started back into sewing, last year I made three quilts for Christmas and was so excited to be doing something I loved again, I then decided I wanted to start creating again but this time I wanted to be able to sell my creations, I started with pet beds because of my mom’s cat, my little sidekick I brought with me, then I decided I wanted to try jewelry and then tutu’s for my granddaughter, It just all kind of kept going until here I am!  I never took any classes, I’ve always been a hands on type person, weather it was learning to work on a computer or a new task at work or crafting and creating, I have always just jumped in and if it works, it works, if not start over.  I absolutely love a challenge and will at least try and tackle just about anything and most of the time I will.  I really would like to take a course in jewelry making, but I am such a procrastinator at times I’m not sure I will actually do it.

5185904-original[1]Pet Bed - Plush Fleece Colorful Bird Cat or Dog Bed, Medium – 28x32
I could see many cats pouncing on the bows and the colorful birds on this bed!  Our kitten sure would!

Oohlalapretty I am the mother of three beautiful children and grandmother of three beautiful granddaughters that God has blessed me with, God, family, friends  my cat Tiger Lilly, crafting, sewing and gardening, those are the wonderful people and things that bring the most joy and inspiration to my life.

5192046-original[1]Ribbon Tutu & Headband - Flower Girl, Costume or Play - Made to Order
I wish I had one of these when I was young.  I’ve always been a faerie/dancer at heart, and while I detest pink, this combination of colors just makes me warm!

Oohlalapretty I absolutely love creating and sewing, I can spend hours in a craft shop and forget about everything, I get lost in the isles of fabrics, ribbon, beads, charms, that is until I remember I needed to eat lunch about two hours ago, I love it, that’s how my day may start at times, I will spend so much time in a craft store that my day is almost gone by the time I get home, but that usually won’t stop me, I get excited about creating something and then I’m up late into the night hours, it’s all good, just lots of coffee the next day!

5132639-original[1]Bookmark - Silver Spirit Feather & Flower Butterfly Charm & Crystals - Teacher, Student Gift - 16 inch
This is a beautifully balanced bookmark – whether draped artfully on a book or actually marking it!

Oohlalapretty I don’t have too many distractions, but what I hate the most is when I’m sewing and the thread gets all bunched up under the foot and I have to pry it out with a seam ripper, or that crimp bead cover I cannot seem to get apart because it’s stuck to another crimp bead cover and flying all over the floor, or trying to get ahold of small beads that I can hardly see the end of to insert on the wire and it seems to slip right out of my hand onto the floor of forever, I must be a little crazy, I cannot stand to lose a bead or bead cover and will crawl around until I find that little sucker (don’t ask me why)!  Then you look at what you created and ugh!  No way, this will not work, that’s when I just have to un-string all my work and start over, sometimes I don’t mind doing it over but other times I think, oh how I don’t want to re-bead all of this for the third time, but once I finally figure out my design and it’s finally finished, I am so excited to see that little ole me did this!  It really is a challenge I never want to give up and It’s with great excitement and joy that I create my products for you and I can only hope you will be as excited with them as I am creating them for you!

I couldn't have explained better how many artists, including myself, feel when a product is finished.  There are times we may look at it saying to ourselves "meh, I could do better", but most often it's a feeling of "I created this. This came from MY hands, my brain, my heart, my soul!" that really spurs us all on.
That feeling will never come from an item created en masse or from a machine, whether creating it, or seeing it pass into a new owner's hands, knowing THEY know the joy you felt in creating the item to begin with.

At live venues, buyers can see the light in your eyes as they see someone else appreciate the work they've done, or perhaps even a little sadness at letting go something they put their soul into creating, and hoping it goes to a home where it will be as loved and appreciated as it's worthy of.

Until next week, as always, thank you one and all for reading!

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