Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ruby Red - Heidi's Handmade Bath and Body Shoppe

I decided I want to do a feature.

... I had no idea how to do this at first, since I had no idea what to write about. Then I looked at the date. Well, it's July. In my world of Jewelry Craft, this means "Ruby". .. So I sent a call out for ... red things.
It took a bit to decide on a few to play with. I chose three, the first of which will be today's feature for me.

Bath and Body Shoppe
So I went poking around on HeidisHandmades, and found a few things that did match the Ruby Red... and lots of things that didn't match the Ruby Red, but made me drool a bit anyway.

Since I asked for red though...

Here we have "Black Raspberry Soap". This one caught my eye at once as it is the perfect "Ruby" color. It also doesn't hurt that I love black raspberry flavored and scented things.
Another that caught my eye is the one listed just below it on her shop, "Asian Plum - Chinese Dragon Soap", which is also a lovely Ruby Red color.

Of course, I went looking for more, and found many more red things, and much MUCH more that wasn't red, but I had to look at anyway. I was pleased to see a classic, "Cherry Blossom Soap" - since well.. for me, if I don't have something Cherry Blossom scented in my bathroom, there's something wrong!
But now I digress.

I went poking around further, and one thing that I noticed was the ingredient list. Vegetable based oils, shea butter, water, moisturizer from berries (!!), it was like looking at the list of ingredients for something I'd eat. ... though I don't think eating soap is a good idea, no matter how many times mothers would wash children's mouths out with soap.

.... Then again, knowing what soap is made of these days, I would fear for killing children that way.

Though soap isn't the only thing at this lovely shop. Lotions, bubble baths, scrubs, body butter, even massage oil is on the list!

I admit to spending a very long time poking around the shop. Then again, when it comes to soap and such, I tend to love poking around anyway. The hours I've spent in Bath & Body Works at the mall is amazing. .... Though I think, now that I've discovered the world of soap makers on Etsy, that will change.

Looking at my "Favorite Things" panel on the right, I'm sure you'll recognize several of Heidi's soaps now listed there.

And this might just start a new trend. Perhaps I'll do a soap feature next week!

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