Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ruby Red - KittyKatKards, Origami Cards for Life's Occaions

Another find I made when asking for red things was KittyKatKards.

Blank cards are something I always had trouble finding - at least, blank cards that spoke without words before I added my message. The cards in this shop each have a personality all their own.

When most of us think "Origami", we think of little cranes, or perhaps little jumping frogs. The fact is, a little bit of paper can make almost anything, if you fold it right, and KittyKat's work says this very clearly.
For instance, this card for any occasion (the first Ruby Red thing that caught my eye), features no cranes, no frogs, not even stars... but Kimonos.
Mini Origami Kimono Card
While not strictly Ruby Red, these cards made me smile, and considering what they are, might just find their way into my inventory when I make some sales. Little cards, tiny enough to be gift tags, large enough to speak your mind (so long as you're not TOO long winded).
And fitting for a last photo feature is this lovely Origami Thank You Card (crane). Classic, simple, and beautiful.

It took me quite a while to find favorites through the shop, as I was distracted by so many intricate designs. Dresses, swimsuits, and the little trolls KittyKat makes are so adorable that I had to pause to look at each one!
As I said earlier, each card has its own personality. Each design is unique, even the ones created to be similar. I'm not a big card buyer, but the ones here gave me a few ideas, specifically because they have such personality. They speak much more than words, they say"I care about you" simply with the card itself, the little intricacies, the care given into its creation, and in the selection of the card for the occasion.

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