Thursday, July 23, 2009


This weekend, I was unexpectedly at Otakon.

I was asked to help out a friend with her Artist Alley table, and wound up sharing the space to put some of my own things out at as well.

The image on the left is her work. Animeg draws fan-art, or portraits, or other things which she then puts on .....

Buttons! .. or badge-pins, or however you want to say it. She also does keychains, and has a kickass webcomic. (She's not on Etsy, since much of her stuff is fan-art, and probably isn't sellable on Etsy, but for more information, go to Black As White and That's So Cute! Buttons)

We both didn't do too badly with sales, and I was shocked to sell some of the things I did... Many of my 'stock' items went, as did several things which I had to take down from Etsy on Monday, at least until I recreate them. I also wound up doing several custom orders, which I might recreate to put up on Etsy.

The most important thing I think I did though was .. my card is out there now. I am really hoping this boosts things, though in the past week I have only had one or two new visitors, including a couple of other Etsyers who were at the con, like ICtheMoon. It was awesome getting to meet at least one other Etsyer :D

My hopes are starting to run low, as I am STILL jobless in this horrible economy, and I have about two weeks to get a job AND find a place to live... which is really taking its toll on me.

I am hoping that SOMETHING good happens.. and soon, before I go mad... not like I'm not already, but right now it's a good kind, I'm not wanting the bad kind, thanks.

So now I go off to do some errands that I don't really want to go do, but meh, they need to be done!

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