Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ahh, weekend...

... usually my time to sit down and work on my jewelry extensively.

I have been working on job hunting and cleaning the apartment (mostly my room), going through things to throw away so when we move in a couple of months, I don't have as much to move. So much that I have held onto for so many years that I don't even spare a thought to.

I discovered that I had clothing that I actually forgot that I ever had. Most of it too small for me, much of it too large. Three trash bags full so far, ready to go to be recycled (to goodwill or a recycling place, I have not decided).

Old high school notebooks, some of the information something I might want to save, mostly junk. I have to go through those, pull out what I want to save so I can type it up and put it on disk instead of have it be bits of paper to cart around.

Junk. Just.. general junk, built up over the years, so much of which is stuff I thought I could repair, or reuse, or whatever.

It will take another week or two before I think I've pruned enough to call it a start.. but if I can prune down even 10 boxes worth of junk that doesn't need to be packed ever again, I'll be happy.

It's amazing how much can accumulate over years. It makes me wonder a bit about the mind of the packrat.

I did, however, find a box of 'treasures'. I did find that in those boxes, there WERE things I could use in my jewelry... though most of what I found was gold... and I work in silver. I'm not sure how to handle that just now.

For now, I go continue with my cleaning; I have a raid in World of Warcraft this evening, so I want to make sure everything's done before then.


SumpinElse said...

Good luck going revisiting your life (that's what I call it when I "prune"). Leave a little something behind for days when you need to remember who you are and where you've been.

Kalla said...

Don't worry, SumpinElse! Though I am only keeping smaller things - compact things that are easy and small to move. Anything I can make electronic (stories can be typed, info can be typed, really really old sketches can be scanned.. etc) I will... I never want to forget.. just.. to reduce.