Monday, June 15, 2009

Gatherings, Listings and a Treasury too!

Been a little while.

I had a little gathering of friends on this Saturday past. It felt good to actually host something again. I've missed cooking for others, and really missed being a hostess. I never would have thought that at all, but.. I really felt in my element on Saturday.

I called the little gathering a while back to ask if they'd model my things for me. So two good friends wandered to my place, and they and my roommate modeled much of my jewelry.

Nine new items photographed in a couple of hours' time. I still have lots of earrings to photograph, but I don't use human models for those, typically.

So I just posted the Green gradient bracelet, Red gradient bracelet and the Ocean blue bracelet I blogged about some time ago.

Still frustrated about the lack of real job, though I have applied and applied, and applied and applied s'more. I had an interview last Wednesday, and still waiting to hear about that. In the meantime, I've just been making jewelry.. and making jewelry. Trying to keep my spirits up and hoping for that new sale. Now that I have one under my belt, even if it's from a friend, I feel a little more confident that perhaps someone else will like my work too.

One of my items even got into a Treasury!!

I got an email from Etsy that ozzana listed my Shades of Violet Bookmark in her new Treasury! I am squeeful and very thankful for this.

Now that I've put out a bunch of disjointed thoughts.. I'm going to go see about making some dinner.

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