Monday, June 8, 2009

First Sale!

One of my dearest friends requested a custom bookmark from me.
ashwolf's new bookmark!

The original that I posted up on my shop can be found here:
Swarovski Crystal Bookmark - Shades of Violet

I am hoping that this starts a kick.

In other news, I've had the urge to make dream catchers again... though I put my hoops away, and need to find them again. I also have quite a few supplies to replace, as it looks as though my semi-precious stone stock is very low. I also think I'll be trying to wire-wrap some of my feathers to see if they will behave better than some of my old ones that took ages to fuss with to make sure the beads held the feathers in place.. since.. well.. I don't use any glue.

I will post pictures as soon as I have some of the 'catchers, as I right now need new batteries for my camera.

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